One way to choose a slot machine, which can be very crucial for you as a player, is to choose a slot machine based on the RTP percentage. RTP tells us how much euro will be refunded to you over time. 

One of the main characteristics of a slot machine is the RTP of slot machines. It shows how far the slot machine returns to the player at a certain distance. The higher the response rate, the more mathematically profitable it is to play it.

When choosing a game, beginners focus on multipliers, gameplay, frequency of free spins and more. The most demanding players are considering returns. It is only now, and only at online casinos, that information on the percentage of return on slot machines is available. We will explain how to find such data, and in general, we will bring you closer to the concept of RTP in the game.

What are RTP Slot Machines? And How does it Work?

RTP or return to player is a mathematical parameter that is built into the slot machine using algorithms. The developer determines it. For licensed slot machines, this indicator is a constant. A legitimate RTP return casino cannot make any changes as all games are downloaded from the official servers of the providers or aggregators.

In theory, the payout percentage indicates how far the slot machine “flips” you over a distance. Basically, a 97% RTP means 970 euros or more will be returned to you. In fact, you can “catch up” the return to around 10,000 or even 1,000,000 dollars. It should be understood that RTP is not distributed in proportion to the number of bets a given player has at any given time. However, the return is relevant for the total number of bets. This means that if all players bet € 1,000,000, they will receive € 970,000. And the winnings are distributed at random.

It is important to understand that RTP bonus winnings and free spins winnings are “locked-in.” The developers take into account the gameplay features of the device in advance. For example, if the “bonus” in the slot machine has the potential to pay out a large multiplier, such a machine can “eat” for a long time in normal sessions. 

The lion’s share of modern slots has a built-in response rate of over 95%. Everything that follows is considered bad form. Most popular range: 95-97%. However, there are locations and 98% and even 99%. There are also slot machines with yields below 95%. And often, these are extremely popular names – like the same Ra riches from Play’n Go. So far, there are no games with neutral (100%) returns at online casinos.

RTP Also Indicates the House Gain

Although RTP for slots shows how much a player will theoretically get back for their bets, it is actually a more accurate measure of how much will be left at the casino. If you play on a slot machine with a 97% RTP, that means the casino still keeps 3% of whatever players wager on the slot machine. It might sound like a lot, but after all, it’s not free to run a casino, so they also depend on getting income, and that, of course, it has to come from the players’ efforts.

The best online casinos usually report their total RTP. Of course, they have an RTP goal, which is typically around 3% per year. Not many people say how much it costs month to month because it can fluctuate wildly. As you know, there are many online casinos, and there are both large and small online casinos. The RTP for a relatively small online casino will fluctuate much more than for a large business. This is because a large jackpot payout for a small casino will affect the RTP of a small casino more than a large one, like this for a small casino represents a larger share of the total monthly payout than for a large casino.

Where Can I Find RTP Slot Machines?

At the start of the 21st century, there was hardly any information open about the RTP of slot machines. Some enthusiasts have even tried setting the indicator manually. This information is now available free of charge. Here is a list of sources you can use:

  • Official supplier websites. Anyone other than the company that released the slot machine knows its main features. Some developers (NetEnt) indicate their return percentage directly on their website in the catalogue with demo versions of games. Suppose the portal does not contain any information, contact manufacturer support. When their products are licensed, they will not hide their technical characteristics from the public.
  • In the slot machine itself, cautious manufacturers have RTP information “built into” the slot machines. You will not find it in the information area but in the FAQ or help section. Yes, these units are not always built into the device, but if they are there, there is a good chance that there is RTP data.
  • Online casino. The operators almost never disclose any data on the return of the game to the site. Theoretically, the visitor can submit a corresponding request to the support. If the casino is licensed, it should easily provide the numbers or provide a source of information.

The Difference Between RTP and Variance

It’s easy to mix up slot variance or volatility with RTP, and these two are indeed related. But RTP and variance are not the same. RTP is, as we explained earlier, the percentage of revenue that goes to players. Now, below, we will briefly explain what variance is.

We can say that the variance defines how the RTP of the game is performed. Low variance games are designed and programmed to have low payouts more often. This means that as a player, you will be able to keep the game going for longer.

Games with a higher variance often achieve most of the RTP in bonus features and, therefore, provide extreme payouts. But then the game will generally not hand out as many small and medium-sized wins.

High RTP games are always better than low RTP games, but it can be more difficult to earn these payouts as they often pay out in larger portions in large bonus games and the like. A player may have to spend several thousand spins to earn big wins and thus take full advantage of playing slots with a higher RTP.

Top 3 Highest RTP Slots

There are hundreds of slot software developers and tens of thousands of games out there, but some slots are better than others, and we’re here to take a look at the top 5 machines with the highest payouts.

  • UggaBugga: 99.07% RTP – Playtech released this wonderful jungle slot machine in 2006, and here we find tropical fruits and rod masks. This is not your typical classic slot machine as it has a 10 row, three-reel layout. Ugga Bugga has low volatility and attracts many gamers with its unique setup and extremely high RTP.
  • Mega Joker: 99% RTP – Mega Joker is an old NetEnt hit and is the favourite of many Norwegian players, for a good reason. It is a game with a simple layout and basic symbols, but with the possibility of winning huge prizes. At Mega Joker, the big wins are in the Super Meter and the ability to collect the winnings on the account at the right time.
  • Jackpot 6000: 98.8% RTP – this is a classic NetEnt slot too. Here it is important to play with maximum effort and find a good strategy for the Supermeter in order to get the most out of the winnings. The game is simple and entertaining.

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